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Quote of the Week

Real quotes from the real world. Each week we feature our favorite quote from you, the people.

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Oct 23, 2020
"A donut hole slapped me in the face"
- Cole
Dallas, TX
Oct 16, 2020
"Here we are in all of our pumpkin glory."
- Molly
Plano, TX
Oct 9, 2020
“I want to suffocate in Velveeta!”
- Hannah
McKinney, TX
Sep 18, 2020
"Cats welcomed. Beanies optional."
- Hannah
Tyler, TX
Sep 11, 2020
"About as useful as a chocolate teapot."
- Owen
Wales, UK
Sep 4, 2020
"This year is not the day to mess with me."
- Tyler
Monroe, LA
Aug 28, 2020
"Look, we didn't put the unicorns there, ok?"
- Rob
Plano, TX
Aug 21, 2020
"The feet are the tools of the leg."
- Kendall
Hendersonville, NC
Aug 14, 2020
"I'm very curious about this banana situation."
- Nate
Dallas, TX
Aug 7, 2020
"I’m not your croissant."
- Lauren
Dallas, TX
Jul 31, 2020
“Help! I’ve fallen and I need to send a fax!”
- Alec
Los Angeles, CA
Jul 24, 2020
“We may have banjos but at least it’s family.”
- Chase
Celina, TX
Jul 17, 2020
“Let’s take this panda show on the road.”
- Lisa
Phoenix, AZ

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